What is normal?

“What is normal?” For as long as I can remember I have been intruiged by this question. I mean I have always been casted as one of the ‘outsiders’ when it comes to school, family, friends and socializing overall. And I used to ask myself what I had to do, to be normal or to fit in. But when I really started thinking about it I came to two conclusions:

Conclusion 1

There is no way to define what normality is; It varies from person to person. You can say what you think is normal, but your definition most likely differs with the definition another person gives to normality. I myself think that a series of events that occur in someones life, have the power to alter or change their outlook on normality. I mean someone with a more fortunate life might find it to be normal to be able to go to school, but someone with a less fortunate life might not even know what school is. My point is that if you try to define such a big concept that is so different for all human beings, there truly is no way of knowing what the meaning of ‘normal’ is.

Conclusion 2

I think normality is a social concept once invented by humans to make you believe it matters what other people think of you and your actions. Let me put it like this; you mainly follow trends because it’s the norm and you don’t want to stand out or get judged. But the moment you stop caring about what other people think of you, you are less likely to follow the norm and you start to stand out. In a different case most people nowadays use the internet and social media to follow what is ‘normal’. And since everything is filtered and masked. you start to develop an inferiority complex. ’cause even though you know you shouldn’t compare yourself to the masked version of a person, you still do. And by doing so you might start to feel worse about yourself. Which ultimately means that by trying to be normal, you start to lose yourself.

“Normal is nothing, and striving to be normal will only result into a greater kind of sadness”


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